NDA Security Breach: Is Abducted Major Datong, Dead?

In what seemed like another national embarrassment, gunmen that invaded the Afaka Campus of the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, in Kaduna state, early hours of Tuesday, August 24, have again allegedly killed the abducted Major Datong, despite their initial demand for N200 Million as ransom to free the kidnapped officer.


Although, as at the time of this report, neither the Nigerian Army Director, on Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, nor the Academy Public Relations Officer, Major Bashir Muhd Jajira, have issued any statement to confirm the death of Major Datong, but the news filtered to the press, after the Major’s body was allegedly found ‘dead’ ‘in a near bye bush’ Tuesday evening, hours after his abduction.


However, despite the news making rounds in the country, information reaching SarahReports said, the news of Major Datong’s dead has not being fully verified as ‘true’, leaving the Major’s status, ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ hanging.


Personal pictures of Major Datong, and another showcasing his pregnant wife and himself, are since being displayed on the social media, for fear that the Major has been alleged murdered. No one is yet to confirm to Nigerians the present status of Datong as the Nigerian Army has also kept silent about the development.



Could this be another case of unsubstantiated assassination of a Major in the Nigerian Army? SarahReports will keep you updated on this development.


The Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, located on Kaduna-Lagos highway, about 10 kilometers away from the Kaduna city center, is a premier military university, that trains officers for the armed forces of Nigeria, and for some other African countries. The University is also surrounded by some other top institutions in the country.


Early hours on Tuesday, August 24, a group of terrorists, known as gunmen, invaded the military university, made their way to the staff quarters, and killed two (2) officers, identified as Lieutenant Commodore Wulah and Flight Lieutenant Okoronwo.


2Lt Onah, was also said to have sustained a gunshot injury during the operation; while the abducted Major Dantong, who N200M ransom was placed on by the bandits, status is yet to be known.


SarahReports had earlier reported that, men on motorbikes, in a well – coordinated attack, that lasted for hours, without any reprisal from within or outside the Defence Academy, left the University campus and the vicinity, without leaving traces behind.  All attempts made by the security operatives to apprehend them, proved fruitless.


While two (2) promising officers of the Nigerian Defence have been killed, the ‘lucky’ to survive, 2Lt Onah, is currently receiving treatment at the Academy Medical Centre; and the status of Major Datong, if ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ is still left hanging based on latest updates amidst other conflicting reports. 


The security breach of the NDA, is still a shock across the country, leaving Nigerians to wonder if anyone is truly safe in the country, following gunmen seamless operation inside the military institution, and the Academy spokesman shocking revelation that, “The security architecture of the Nigerian Defence Academy was compromised…”

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  1. The state of Nigeria has been compromised. My concern is the deafening silence of other political parties, the senate and the masses. We are a people accustomed to subjugation and oppression. It is not a cliche to say our lives are in God’s hands. The signs are glaring now…

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