New Trendy Trend: Ladies in Low Hair Cut

In recent times, say for three (3) consecutive years or more now, our team observed that the rate of ladies in low hair cut is gradually increasing. So, we took to the streets to sample people’s opinion why ladies now prefer low hair cut to wearing long hair.


In our chat with some ladies in selected areas in Lagos, our team was able to establish from opinion polls that, the trend is not actually very new; some ladies believe it dates far back to the days of yore, depending on the fashion statement the wearer is trying to convey.



But why the comeback? Since it is not so common before now, to see Nigerian women on low cuts. therefore, hopes to examine this trendy trend, common among all class of Nigerian ladies today irrespective of social-economic class, age, height, stature, looks …



So join the conversation by leaving comments on Facebook page, why you think some ladies now prefer low hair cut to wearing long hair.



3 Replies to “New Trendy Trend: Ladies in Low Hair Cut”

  1. Am a guy and I think am in love with my wife’s low cut. Low cut has taken away the stress of “honey, what hair style do I make “???. And also, she tell me she feels refreshed after every shower.

    Thanks to low cut.

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