Nigerians ‘Frustrate’ Sen. Shehu Sani With Calls After He Expresses the Desire to Meet the ‘Two Delegates’ that Voted for Him

Over 300 Nigerians have so far, laid claim to being the two delegates who voted for Senator Shehu Sani during the Kaduna state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship primary.


Shehu Sani, who said he got the ‘clean votes’ from the two unknown delegates even without paying them a dime, said he is willing to know/meet the yet to be known two delegates.


As a result of Sani’s desire to know the ‘two delegates’, over 300 Nigerians, as at the time of filing this report, have reached out to him saying they are a part of the two delegates.


Lamenting the increasing number on Tweet, Sani said,

“Two delegates voted for me without paying them kobo; But I have received over 300 calls

from Different Delegates claiming that they are the two that voted for me and want to

come and see me…See me see wahala abeg.”


SarahReports had earlier reported how the Senator said he wished to know the two delegates “so that I can appreciate” them.

“…Two Delegates voted for me without giving them a dime; unfortunately, I don’t know who they are, so that I can appreciate these clean votes.”


Recall that Shehu Sani promised not to play money bag politics, a course he followed through that probably made him lose the Kaduna  state gubernatorial primaries.


Sani is quoted to have said,

“The Kaduna Governorship Primaries; I will NOT pay any delegate to vote for me and no one should pay for me to be voted. I welcome votes based on my agenda for the good people of Kaduna state. We can’t build or develop our country through a dishonest leadership recruitment system.”

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