No More Mannequins… Kano State Govt Warns

A caller at the regular television programme ‘YourView’ today, Friday July 2, 2021, reacting to the topic on the ban of mannequins by the Kano state government said some unscrupulous individuals do try to unveil mannequins for reasons best known to them.

The above image depicts the claim.

But however funny the image may be, the Kano state government in collaboration with the Kano state Hisbah board, have jointly condemn and ban open display of mannequins within the Kano metropolis.

According to the state government, the ban of mannequins is necessary because it contradicts Islamic teaching and Islam being the predominant religion in the state. Consequently, mannequins used by tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners to display clothes are therefore banned on these grounds.

Besides, the Kano state government and the Hisbah board said, using mannequins contribute to immoral thoughts among some members of the public which is idolatry in the Islamic context and provisions.

However, the head, Hisbah board, Harun Ibn-Sina said, the board would embark on an enlightenment campaign on how Islam frowns on the use of mannequins while enforcing strict compliance. He added that those who fail to comply with the order, will be arrested and prosecuted.

4 Replies to “No More Mannequins… Kano State Govt Warns”

  1. How does banning mannequins put an end to exposure to immoral tendencies. Those that have issue with such “statues” should go and deal with their mind/thoughts. The problem is with the people not the mannequins

  2. This is how businesses are being crippled by decisions based on a few people’s emotions. So sad!

  3. Very soon, Hisba will ban naked animals in Kano. All goats, female dogs, female horses, sheep, female cows will have to wear dresses or risk imprisonment — to prevent the prevalence of zoophilia or bestiality (that is, sex with animals). Guys cannot renew their minds or tame their libido … they think banning stuff will do that for them.

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