NPF:  ‘Miss. Glory Okolie is a Member of IPOB/ESN’ … ‘No, She’s Not, Release Her’ Nigerian Activists Cry

It is not so clear what is happening between the Nigerian Police Force and one Miss Glory Okolie, a 21 year old admission seeker, who was purportedly accused by the Police Force of criminal activities, connecting her with IPOB/ESN in Imo State. 


In a press release with Ref No. CZ.5300/FPRD/FHQ/ABJ/VOL.4/35, dated Sunday, August 22, 2021, titled, “VIOLENT ATTACKS IN THE SOUTH-EAST: POLICE ARREST MILITANTS’ SPY GIRL”, issued by the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Aremu Adeniran, at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, the police operatives laid claim that,


“…Gloria Okolie is a member of IPOB/ESN in Imo State who worked closely with one Benjamin Uzoma Emojiri a.k.a “Onye Army”, who used her harmless looks as cover up for nefarious activities.


According to Police Press Statement:

“Operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, working with the Military and other security forces, have arrested one 22-year-old female suspect, Gloria Okolie, for her complicity in the series of deliberate and well-coordinated attacks on security formations, other critical national infrastructure including INEC offices and killing of security operatives in the South-Eastern part of the country. The suspect, a native of Umutanza in Imo State, was arrested following ongoing investigations and implementation of special operation, Operation Restore Peace, to amongst other things, break the information, drugs and arms supply chain to the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its armed wing, the Eastern Security Network in the South-East region.   


“Police Investigations revealed that Gloria Okolie is a member of IPOB/ESN in Imo State who worked closely with one Benjamin Uzoma Emojiri a.k.a “Onye Army”, one of the ESN commanders earlier declared wanted by the Police for his lead roles in planning, coordinating and executing the attack on the Imo State Police Command Headquarters and Imo State Headquarters of the Nigerian Correctional Service. Her arrest and the revelations from her confession, assisted the Police in the arrest of “Onye Army”, a major breakthrough in the quest to restoring law and order in the South-East region.


“Further investigations by the Police team revealed that Gloria Okolie takes advantage of her gender and seemingly innocuous looks as camouflage to carry out espionage against military and police targets on behalf of IPOB/ESN. The suspect also serves as an intermediate person, who receives cash, drugs and weapons on behalf of IPOB/ESN and deliver same to their commanders in their camps. Through her clandestine criminal activities, she actively aided and abetted the multiple acts of murder, arson and malicious damage to both private and public property by the ESN. A lot of the deadly and unfortunate attacks on security personnel and assets, with numerous fatalities, have the imprimaturs of Gloria Okolie, the spy girl of ESN militants. Investigation is being concluded to enable the Police arraign her in court for prosecution.


However, despite the assertions of the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, some Human Rights Foundation and activists have come out to deflate the claims of the Police Force saying, Glory Okolie, was reported to have been in the custody of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT), a unit of the Nigeria Police Force, headed by DCP. Tunji Disu.


Harrison Gwamnishu, DG, Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation, commenting on his Facebook page, titled, ‘THIS IS NIGERIA’ reported that:

“21 year old Miss Glory Okolie who enrolled for 2021 JAMB exam has been in police detention since 17th June, 2021 till date.

She left the house and never returned.

Since 17th June, her families had searched for her in hospitals and mortuaries but couldn’t find her.

Ending of June, 2021, a young man who was freed from IRT office Tiger Base Owerri told the Okolie family that he saw Glory in the custody of IRT officers cooking and washing clothes for them.

The family immediately went to IRT office and requested to see Glory and bail her out and till date it’s been one story or the other.


The IRT officers allegedly continued to extort the family and denied them access to see Glory.

Our team launched investigation and discovered Glory has been transferred to Abuja and tagged IPOB/ESN member.

Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation wishes to draw the attention of IGP Complaint Response Unit Abuja and the new IRT head DCP Tunji Disu to rescue Glory who has now become a maid in Nigeria police custody…

Harrison Gwamnishu

DG, Behind Bars Family

CC:  Nigeria Police Force Complaint Response Unit – CRU, Nigeria Police Force Prince Adedigba Adeyinka Daniel Adeyanju



Another account said,

“On Friday I visited the IRT offices of the Nigeria Police Force in Abuja to see if I could visit a 21 year old female, Glory Okolie, who was arrested in Imo State and had remained unlawfully detained for 70 days, although I was accompanied by one her lawyers, Samuel Ihensekhien Jnr, the police officer who met us, their legal officer at IRT in Abuja did not grant us access to to see her.

So on Friday I reported my experience via my Facebook page as below:

#FreeGlory I just left the Nigeria Police Force IRT office in Abuja where Glory Okolie is being detained for her alleged friendship with an #IPOB member. I went in company of a lawyer, Samuel Ihensekhien, but the police detaining her denied us access so we couldn’t see her, they claimed it was too late to let us visit on a Friday afternoon.  21 years old Miss Okolie has been in detention for more than 67 days, the police have used her as a beast of burden while in detention in Imo state where she was first detained at the dreaded “Tiger Base” in Owerri and refused to charge her to court! This is so despicable! AND Today the Inspector of Police caused the press statement attached to be issued and here again Nigerians are being taken for a ride.”


Omoyele Sowore, a human rights activist, has also added his voice to the number of people questioning the actual whereabouts of Miss Okolie. He said:

“After using Glory Okolie as beast of burden, abused by Nigeria Police Force officers and unlawfully detained for over 70 days, and upon realising that the world has taken notice of her unlawful detention and abuse by police officers, the IGP of Police caused this “earthshaking” press release to be issued to demonise Glory Okolie. The first few questions to the IGP are these:

-Why was she detained and used as a beast of burden to cook and help police officers wash their clothes at Tiger Base in Owerri, Imo if she is so dangerous?

-Why not issue this release since her arrest 70 days ago?

– Why wasn’t she charged to court since her arrest when the law says you have no right to detain beyond 48 hours?

-Why was the fellow who exposed her unlawful detention also detained?

It is obvious that this belated press statement was designed as a ruse to cover up some police atrocities!


While the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, psc (+), fdc, NPM, is “commending security operatives for the unrelenting fight against violent crimes in the country”, Nigerians are demanding for answers to the questions posed to the Nigeria Police Force, and a quick release from detention and freedom for Miss. Glory Okolie.


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