Nurse On Trial For Allegedly Killing Four In A Care Home

A 52-year-old female nurse is on trials for allegedly killing 4 (four) persons living with disabilities.


The nurse who alluded her action to a ‘joyless childhood’ from which she had suffered from anxiety and depression also said, she had no friends growing up because according to her, ‘she felt different.’


Her trials which started on Tuesday in a Potsdam court in Germany, will lasts through December 9th with about 40 witnesses expected to be heard.


According to the 52 years old nurse, she has, at different times, been treated for psychological problems after an attempted suicide at age 14; and an alcohol addiction when she was between the ages of 20 to 38.


The public prosecutor’s office however, upheld that, the nurse is guilty of murder and attempted murder, on the assumption that, she committed the crime in what was said to be a state of ‘diminished responsibility.’

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