Pastor Bakare Laments Over Nigeria At 61

The serving overseer of the Citadel Global Community Church, CGCC, and former vice presidential candidate, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Friday, October 1, being the nation’s Independence Day, during the church’s meeting, said, true change is in the air, because, the things that will make men fear God will emerge in Nigeria even before the last quarter of the year.



“When Elijah said, I can hear a sound of abundance of rain, I don’t think Ahab (being the king of Israel then) believed. I don’t think anyone heard what Elijah heard? When God finds a vessel to express Himself, that’s the end of the matter.


Eloquent Pastor Bakare opined that, the problem of Nigeria started long before now. It is only compounded under this administration. He said except God intervenes, Nigeria will continue to spend more than 90% of its receivables to pay loan. He asked, ‘if this be, what will the country used to pay overhead? and that, what will be left to do something tangible?


The cleric reiterated that, ‘the plagues of our nation are not only multifaceted, but also overwhelming.’ Bakare affirmed that, when a country operates under a curse, or when those leading a country are cursed, that nation will continue to borrow.


He said, ‘a cursed nation will continue to borrow, a blessed nation will continue to lend.’

Pastor Bakare,

“When men operate under a curse, or when those who are cursed are in operation, the whole nation will be sold and become generations who continue to pay what their leaders borrowed.

He believes that, joy has withered away from the citizens of Nigeria from north to south, east to west even before today being the 61st anniversary of the nation.

He emphasized that, it’s only those who are benefitting from ‘the mess’ going on in the country that are not complaining.

Bakare argued that, to think that China is much more blessed than Nigeria, the country (Nigeria), will have to look into what she believed.

He stressed that, the battered economy does not exempt the poor because there is no special supermarket for the poor; but that all Nigerians use the same market place to get their products. He said, ‘indeed, the odds are against us as a people.’


Pastor Bakare, who is also a political activist stated that,

“The founding fathers of the nation had ideas, came together, and fought many battles before they agree with the 1960 independence constitution; and the 1963 constitution.” But then the days of the locust came and from that moment till now, things have not been the same.


He said,

“They lie to us when they call us the giant of Africa. Ghana took the ‘G’, and South Africa took the rest; so we are ants in the comity of nations.” Adding that, “even at the United Nations we are asking for debts cancellations; but at the same time, still borrowing. He asked, ‘does this make sense?’


Although one could not say whom Pastor Tunde Bakare was referring to here, but he did not mince his words when he said,

“The arrogant and the proud cannot depend upon God. For security, they depend on their AK 47 wielding security personnel. For water in their homes, they dependent on their borehole. For electricity, they depend on their generator. And where ever there are no good roads, they depend upon their choppers.


He continued,

“For their health, they will rather die in London or America or Saudi Arabia or even India, than build hospitals here for the poor. They pay lips service… they don’t mean jack. When they appear, it is just to perform social functions…

Pastor Bakare, however, believes that, every problem has a solution, if we (Nigerians) seek the face of God Almighty and repent from evil ways.


He said,

“God will not do anything in the face of the earth except He finds righteous people who can pray those things down.  So, Elijah has to pray again, even when God has spoken.

He advised Nigerians to pray that God deliver the nation from the hands of the wicked for peace to reign.

“We should pray that God deliver our nation from the grip of wickedness, as the forces of hell are raised against our peace, unity and progress.


Bakare confirmed to Nigerians that,

“One of my prayers before Him this day is, Lord Almighty please, in the course of your redeeming Nigeria with judgment, in your mercy separate the chaff from the corn; the wheat from the tares; the unjust from the just.


He upheld that, “in this last quarter of the year, God will move mightily in Nigeria.”

He enjoined Nigerians, to call upon God, because Nigeria cannot be independent from God and survive.

He said,

“We got our independence from the British, but our dependence should be upon God.”

According to Bakare, it is only God can fix this nation adding that, hold the nation together again, and make her great again. To him, ‘no man on earth can do it.’

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