Prof. Soludo: I Have No Bias Against Women, Youths, But They Must Have Value To Add

The newly elected Anambra state governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, has said, working with women and youths, will be no problem for his administration, as long as “they’ve got value to add.”


Prof. Soludo said,

“I am focusing on problem solving. If it is all women that would get it done, I will get them.”


He narrated how he had successfully worked with women  at different levels in time past, and then continued,

“In terms of mindset, I’ve got no bias against women.”

Soludo added,

“Anambra as a state, has no bias against women. So, we’re going to maximize their contributions, as well as that of youths. But we will put people there because they’ve got value to add… Not because of their age.”


He affirmed that, Anambra is a youthful populated state, and so, he is much more ready to harness their potentials, needed to take the state higher; and also to cater for the needs of all the children of the state, who sang his praises in a trending video, soon after his emergence as the state governor.


Soludo opined that, the difference between the children of the poor and the rich is opportunity; the opportunity he promised to continue giving them, even after having started with giving out of school uniforms, items needed by them for their education, and a regular visit to some of the schools around the state.


Prof. Soludo said, “I even employed 15 (fifteen) graduates to teach the children. I paid them from my own pocket… I upgraded the schools with modern day teaching aids such as computer…”


He said, “We want to continue to move Anambra to higher, higher, best level.”


Soludo agreed that, he has got a lot to tap from the wealth of experience of the incumbent Governor, Willie Obiano, whose dream is to see someone with capacity, and who is ready, to continue the upward trajectory of successes recorded in the state.


With analysis of his political achievements, from his early days as a student, and his record of successes at different stages, as well as, his contributions to the state of Anambra, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo believes that, he has got the right requirements and all that it takes, to be the next governor of the state, since the people of Anambra has decided to make him their new leader.


About other aggrieved opponents, the governor-elect Soludo said, “I have nothing to tell opponents” because, “You don’t apologize for excellence”, adding that, “I fight on facts.”


Prof. Soludo who agreed that, getting anything done in the public sector requires competition, stressed that, he remains focused and determined to bring quality service and value to the people of Anambra state.


He emphasized that, only competent people, who have value to add to the state, will be given the opportunity to serve in his cabinet.


He lauded this remarkable and landmark achievement of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA), that brought him into power, when he said, it is indeed “An Alliance of All Progressives, and the only true Alliance of All Progressives people of Nigeria.”


Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo said this, while speaking with Arise News on Wednesday, few hours after his victory.

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