Prophet T.B Joshua Buried in Lagos … His Legacy Lives On Says Church Leadership

The popular but controversial televangelist, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has been laid to rest on Friday, July 9, 2021 after a one week funeral rites. People from different walks of life, colour, race, gender, young and old, gathered at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, to bid the renowned prophet and philanthropist farewell. Flags of different nations at the church premises, were flown half-mast.

Prophet T.B Joshua as he was popularly called came to limelight in the 1990s and ever since did not stop growing in strength, status and popularity within the Nigerian society and globally before his ‘untimely’ death on June 5, 2021. While many queried his source of power for ‘miracles’, the late leader of the SCOAN seemed undisturbed and undistracted by the ‘noise’ from people questioning his source of power for miracles.

In a message titled, “The Legacy Lives On”, the leadership of the church during the laying to rest and internment service said “those attacks were simply a free advert for the grace of God in his life. They were tonic to his anointing.” We are all witnesses, a disciple cum preacher, who obviously, an orator, spoke the minds of the church as he continued, “It’s not the miracles, signs and wonders that is the strength of this ministry; it is the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who have sustained, who have strengthen Prophet T.B Joshua through every trial, through every storm, through every persecution.”

The passionate preacher persisted, “all of us here know how his God given vision was misunderstood, laughed at, mocked, attacked, and thought to be too high for a person like him. When a vision comes from God, nothing in this world can stop it. We are all witnesses, no persecution could break his focus, no rejection could stop his progress, and no campaign could steal his joy or disturb his peace. He simply left every battle for God and give himself to prayer and today … the future has answered his adversaries.” The church also believe that, “Prophet T.B Joshua is the greatest and the most effective ambassador the nation of Nigeria has ever had.”

The Ondo born prophet, although from a poor background rose to fame and affluence and used his resources to positively affect people within and outside the SCOAN domain, as well as people of various continents of the world. His charitable lifestyle, unrepentant humility among many other accolades were overemphasized during the one week rites.

A senior disciple of the church, who spoke at the event, charged the congregation to carry on the legacy of love, humility and the teachings of Prophet TB Joshua.It is not just enough to shed the tear, or to pay glowing tributes, let his legacy lives on in you. Let his legacy live on in you. How? Use your time to emulate his lifestyle, to follow his counsels, use this as an example, to leave your battles for God, to let go of offence, bitterness, resentment, bad feelings towards others, to take care of your heart, to spend more on others and less on yourself. To let love lead irrespective of race or religion.” “Prophet T.B Joshua is a living legacy and what he left must continue, the work of God will go on”, he stressed.

In his words, “…and I want to declare to the people of God, on this holy altar, and in the presence of the Almighty God that the journey does not end here. The legacy lives on. The legacy is alive.  Prophet T.B Joshua left a living legacy for this living ministry founded on the living word of God. …. nothing shall separate us from the love of God. The work of God will go onthe sky is limit for this ministry, the best is yet to come” he concluded.

Present at the event were eminent Nigerians such as the Governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Akeem Odumosun, representatives of Lagos state governor, representatives of the royal father of Arigidi in Akoko LGA of Ondo state, representatives of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), and other dignitaries from all over the world.

Prophet T.B Joshua, OFR, who according to his followers, was single handedly responsible for 60% of foreign tourism to the nation of Nigeria, is also a man of many awards, home and abroad; among which is the Youtube award. He will not only be remembered as a prophet who lived in this generation, but also as a philanthropist, a man of humble disposition, and a preacher of peace, who instilled the love for God and people in the minds of his followers. He was survived by wife, Evelyn TB Joshua (who will be the next head of the church), daughters, son, members of the SCOAN, and many disciples around the globe. Needless to say that, there was free flow of tears at the event which lasted for about 3 hours. While many stood numb, some other wailed and lamented the death of the prophet who died at 57 years old.

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