Religion Is Not Dividing Us In Anambra State … Senator Ifeanyi Ubah

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, representing Anambra South Senatorial District, has deflated the belief that, Anambra politics is being divided along religious lines.


He said, although Anambra is a religious state, there is still cooperation among the various religious bodies in the state, especially between the Catholics church, and the Anglican communion, the two dominant religious groups.


Senator Ubah of the Young Progressives Party, (YPP), although being a Catholic, affirmed that, he gives both the Catholics and the Anglicans, things (gift items), needed for their operations; stressing that, he gives Anglicans more than Catholics.


Ifeanyi Ubah affirmed that, he gave Jeeps to Anglican bishops and also a ‘one bullet cheque for renovations.’

In the Senators words,

“When I gave Jeeps to all the bishops, I gave them to people to give to them. I didn’t give them myself. God blesses one because of what you give. It is the politicians that are dividing us.”


The Anambra governorship candidate under the umbrella of YPP, firmly disagreed with media reports that, Anambra forthcoming election, is being influenced by religious groups. adding that, media narratives on the influence of religion on Anambra politics,  is over-hyped.

Ubah said,

“I don’t think the story behind Anambra politics is true.”


He appealed to the Federal Government that, while the court proceedings on Nnamdi Kanu’s case is ongoing, politics should not be added to the court case.


Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, enjoined all Anambra indigenes to give peace a chance, and to go out and vote on the governorship election day.

Ubah made the comments during an interview session with Arise News TV on Monday.

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