Rituals: How Mother Narrowly Escape Son’s Attack On Her Life

An unnamed woman has narrowly escaped an untimely death, championed by her own son, who wanted to use her for ritual purposes.


The incident which happened on January 24, 2022 at Owerri, the Imo state capital, drew the attention of passerby while the woman, (mother of the young man), was struggling with her own son to escape a gruesome murder.


The incident according to sources, happened precisely at Hero’s Apartment, opposite Concord Hotel in Owerri, when the young man, invited his mother for a visit.

Little did she know that her son’s plan was to kill her, and maybe, use her for rituals.


At entering the said Apartment, the young man pounced on his mother, stabbing her vigorously without a second thought.

She however, struggled to escape the unfortunate situation she had found herself, by breaking the Apartment’s window, which alerted people who came to her rescue.


The unnamed young man, who was allegedly caught red handed, was then apprehended with a knife, a calabash for the sacrifice, and blood stains all over him and his mother.


A closer look at the scattered and blood stained room at the Apartment, were some fruits the mother had brought for his son.

Ever since the incident, the video has been making rounds online.




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