Rocha Okorocha: Why I Want To Be Nigeria’s President In 2023

Few hours after the former Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha declared his presidential ambition ahead of 2023, the ex governor in a chat with Arise News TV, said, in comparison with other presidential aspirants from the All Progressives Congress, APC, he (Okorocha), is ready to move the country forward, not in an arithmetic proportion, but in a geometric progression if given the chance to be the president of the nation in 2023.


Riling out his achievements so far before and after he became the Imo state governor, Okorocha said, “I am running because of the vision I have for this nation.”


Rochas Okorocha, who seemed to be passionate about the current situation of things in Nigeria, and his availability to make things better, also emphasized that, threatening economic, security, and poverty issues will be thoroughly addressed if Nigerians give him the chance to be the first citizen of the country in 2023.


He said, the unity of the country as well as addressing other pressing needs of the people will be an utmost priority for him because he has got a compassionate heart and a good business acumen useful for poverty alleviation having being the son of poor parents himself who sold coconuts and onions for living.


Okoracha, who ran for the presidency seat in 2003 and 2007, under different political parties, again stressed that, he is not looking for wealth because he is already blessed by God through his involvement in real estates and selling of vehicles.

In the APC presidential aspirant words: “I am not looking for wealth. God has blessed me…”


While speaking from Abuja on his presidential bid, Okorocha advised the government to check his assets before and after being in government, adding that, he is capable of making Nigeria great if given the opportunity having started from nothing to prominence himself.


Philanthropist Okorocha, whose free schools for the less privileged, (children from poor homes), are scattered in different parts of Nigeria and beyond, said, Nigerians should give an Igbo president like him, a chance in 2023, for growth and development of the nation.

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