Sacked Abuja Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuru Khalid Gets New Appointment

Barely 24 hours after the suspension/sack of Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the Chief Imam of Apo legislative quarters Mosque, the new Jum’mat Mosque in Abuja, has considered it fit to give the eloquent, unapologetic and educated Islamic cleric another opportunity to start leading prayer starting from April 8, 2022.


Sheikh Khalid was reportedly suspended indefinitely after last Friday’s Jummat service by the mosque committee, headed by Senator Saidu Dansadau, for criticizing the Buhari led APC government and for his alleged un-Islamic teachings.


Chief Imam Khalid, during his sermon, condemned the incumbent government apathy to the security situation in the country due to the rate of killings and the incessant attacks of bandits (terrorists) across the state.


Khalid had therefore, advised the electorates not to vote for any politician until the safety of Nigerians lives and properties is guaranteed.


“The condition of the Nigerian masses is one, stop killing us, go to the polls, let us be killed, we will not go to the polls, since you have nothing to do but vote,” Khalid had said.


Sheikh Khalid, also in response to his undeserved suspension said in a tweet,

“O God! the master of sovereignty, you give sovereignty to whom you please, and seize sovereignty from whom you please, you honour whom you please and you abase whom you please, all good is in your hands, indeed you have power over all things.”

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