Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso Frowns At Rotational Presidency Says It will Divide Us

Former Kano state governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has expressed disappointment over  the call by political leaders for rotational presidency.


Kwankwaso, who believed this development is not called for, also  advised that, the constitution must be followed on matters of elections; because to him, the constitution has clearly spelt out modalities for electoral processes.


He said, rather than pitching for rotational leadership, different political parties should strategize on who they want their candidate to be, and not the governors forums, be it the southern governors forum, or the northern governors forum.


Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, did not again mince words, when he said, political parties should be left to decide on their candidacy, while again expressing shock over governors taking decision on presidency.

In his words,

“I don’t understand why this should be so. We should not be tearing ourselves. What is important is party, and party leaders making decision.”


The ex governor continued,

“What we’re interested in is, one united, prosperous Nigeria, where everyone is safe, and the economy better.”


On if power should come to the south in 2023, Kwankwaso said,

“Rotational presidency will divide us in the line of north and south.”


He affirmed,

“Having elections should not be between the bad and the very bad. It should be between electing the right people.”


Rabiu Kwankwaso stressed,

“Don’t put your brothers, friends … in the race. You put the best; because your brothers or friends, may not be loved by voters.”


He emphasized that,

“Parties should look at the realities on ground, put forward the right candidate,” adding that, “Strategy is needed to avoid voters’ apathy.”


Senator Kwankwaso said this, during an interview session on Saturday, Arise News, titled, ‘On The Road To 2023.’

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