Silverbird Group Founder, Ben Murray Bruce, Loses Mother At 95

The founder/chairman of Silverbird Group, and a former senator, who represented Bayelsa East senatorial district, Benedict Murray Bruce, in a Twitter on Tuesday, announced the death of his mother, Madam Margaret Murray Bruce.


The former senator, announced his mother’s demise with this words:

“Life. Indeed, like sand in the wind, today it’s here, tomorrow it’s gone. My mum is gone. She died at 4:40am this morning. My gem of inestimable value, my support system, my best friend, my everything—she’s gone.”

“My consolation is that in her lifetime, I gave her not just everything that money could buy, but most importantly, I gave her my presence, my time, my everything.”


“On uncountable occasions, I will go to her house to hug her and play with her for no reason but love, the kind that only sons share with their mums. I love you, mum, and I miss you. This one hurts so bad. Forever yours.

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