There Could Have Been a Coup D’etat if I Had Not Annulled June 12 … Ibrahim Babangida

The former military president, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida has openly confessed to Nigerians why he annulled the June 12 presidential election involving Late MKO Abiola.


IBB during an interview on Friday August 6, 2021 with Arise News TV, told media men that, if he had not annulled the 1993 June 12 election, there could have been a deadly coup d’etat in the country because of pressures from within and outside the military domain.


He thanked the ‘maradonic’ way he handled the situation despite the pressures, which helped to prevent the country from disintegration and unnecessary chaos.


June 12 ,1993, is the month and year with the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria that brought Late. MKO Abiola to power before  it’s annulment by the IBB regime that same year.


Although, the day is still widely celebrated in Nigeria, especially in the South West.  Gen. Babangida however, laid it bare to Nigerians and maybe, the world, why he had to take  decision for annulment.

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