Twitter Suspension: A Threat to Human Rights in Nigeria … U.S. Consul General to Nigeria

The United States Consul General to Nigeria, Claire Pierangelo, has condemned the ban of twitter in Nigeria saying it is an abuse of citizens’ human rights.


At an event tagged, “A conversation on Press Freedom. Freedom of Expression and Civic Space in Nigeria”, the Consul General said Twitter suspension by the President Buhari led administration is worrisome and it calls for great concern because according to her, democracy is hinged on freedom of the press.


She said, “Banning or significantly restricting social media, undermines Nigerians’ human rights and fundamental freedoms.


She added that, “Nigerian government’s ongoing suspension of Twitter and stated intent to introduce registration requirements for other social media platforms are deeply worrisome.


In reference to the Bidden-Harris administration, Claire Pierangelo, said, the U.S administration is committed to putting human rights at the heart of her foreign policy and that includes press freedom and the freedom of expression.


Africanews report online, as at July 28, 2021 stated that, a total of $243 million had been lost under 51 days of Twitter ban in the country following the FG’s announcement of the suspension on June 4, 2021 and the enforcement of telecommunication companies of the directive on June 5, 2021.


The FG said, Twitter is suspended on the grounds that Nigerians are using the platform for activities that undermines the corporate existence of country.

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