UAE Travel Restrictions On Nigeria, A Slap … Joe Keshi

The former consular general of Nigeria to Washington DC, USA, Joe Keshi, has condemned the recent restrictions placed on Nigeria airlines by the United Arab Emirates, UAE.


Joe Keshi said, “nothing can stop these insults from other countries, until we (Nigeria) have the capacity to deal with insults, … until we ‘grow up’ as a country.”

The former consular general believes that if Nigeria can ‘build capacity’, have ‘efficient system’, the country will stop being a subject of ridicule in the comity of nations, because, according to him, “nobody respects a weakling.”


Keshi, who is also of the opinion that, because our elites have made Dubai their paradise for holidays, and so many other Nigerians, the UAE thought Nigeria cannot do without a visit to the country especially during festive periods like Christmas.


He emphasized that, although Nigeria will be affected by the restrictions, but UAE stands to lose more in terms of financial gains than Nigeria.

Keshi upheld that, until UAE government comes to the negotiations table and call for dialogue, Nigerian government should maintain its stand against the Emirati government.


He however, commended the Federal Government for taking the decision to also restrict Emirates Airlines within the country’s space saying equal rights must exist between the two countries.

Joe Keshi said, Nigeria’s strength lies in its oneness; adding that, Dubai stands to lose more from the ill advised decision; even though the country is also at a disadvantage.


He called on the government to develop Nigeria, with the view that, it is because the country is underdeveloped, that is why UAE is insulting the nation, which he considered a slap on our collective interest.


The diplomatic relations between Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates, (UAE), escalated yesterday over travel restrictions.

The UAE authorities had directed its airlines, not to fly any passenger with Nigerian international passport into its airports.


The ex consular general, Joe Keshi, made this known during a chat with Arise TV News on Tuesday.

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