UK Travel Restrictions: Penalties On Selected African Counties May Be Reduced

United Kingdom, (UK), is reportedly considering reducing travel restrictions placed on some African countries.


The United Kingdom on Saturday, December 4, 2021, had announced that, some African countries, including Nigeria, have been restricted entrance into the country because of the newly discovered Omicron variant of the Corona Virus.


Consequent upon the outrage over UK’s red list, the country’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, on Sunday, according to  ‘Daily Mail’, a UK based newspaper, it is reported that, “The travel red list is set to be scrapped as soon as this week.”


Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said, rather than placing an outright ban on the listed countries, individuals who are ‘fully vaccinated’ may be allowed entrance into UK.


Shapps said, although the decision is not yet finalized, but if it does, “the move is expected to be approved this week.”


The Federal Government of Nigeria, in reaction to UK’s travel restrictions, has also been considering placing restrictions on UK, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.


Similarly, the Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, (UK), Sarafa Ishola, in a chat with BBC radio, also condemned UK’s travel ban, calling it, ‘travel apartheid’.


Ambassador Ishola had said, because the world is dealing with a pandemic situation, UK has no reasons for the restriction, but rather, what is expected of UK, is a global approach to the issue, and not a selective approach.


He added that, for the fact that Omicron virus is classified as a mild variant of Covid-19, when compared to the Delta variant, UK government should reconsider the decision.


Nevertheless, the British High Commission, on Sunday, through its spokesperson, Dean Hurlock, said, the policy will not be reversed, because of the FG’s retaliatory moves.


British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has however, promised to look into the travel restrictions policy, because of the widespread condemnation.

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