Unspecified Number Of Persons Feared Dead On Sunday Morning, After A Train Collided With A Truck, Tricycle In Kano State

An unspecified number of persons have been victims of an accident that happened in the Kano state metropolis on Sunday morning, around 11:30 am.


The accident, according to eyewitnesses, happened around Obasanjo Road in Kano state, as a result of a Dangote truck, and a commercial tricycle, trying to speed across the rail lines without noticing an oncoming train.


While people (traders), around the railroad were trying to slow down the cement truck driver, and the tricycle from crossing the railroad because of the oncoming train, unfortunately, the train collided with the truck, and the commercial tricycle, leading to a massive accident.


All the victims of the accident were said to have been rushed to the hospital, unconscious; and people at the accident scene, tried evacuating the bags of cement from the Dangote truck; with security operatives on ground to forestall any break down of law and order.

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