We Need Jobs Not Salah Rice… Ghanaian Youths Tell Lawmaker

Ghanaian youths, have today rejected bags of rice donated to them by a member of the country’s parliament, Hon. Abu Jinapor as supports for their Eid-El Kabir celebrations.

Hon. Abu Jinapor, a member of the New Patriotic Party and a member of parliament for Damongo constituency, was said to have donated the bags of rice to help youths in the country enjoy Salah festival.

Reports also confirmed that, donation of rice has been a part of Jinapor’s routines to help youths of his constituency; but the gesture was not welcomed this time around as evident in the video that have since gone viral. Ghanaian youths simply rejected all the bags of rice by throwing them back inside the truck that brought them.

In a quick reaction, Rinu #EndSARS, in an online comment applauded the Ghanaian youths’ action. She said “these are Ghanaian youths? Wow.” While, Promzy @Promise as quoted by Rinu said, “the day Nigeria wakes up, Africa will not remain the same again….

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  1. It is good news indeed … and may it spread fast to other parts of Africa. During the Covid-19 lockdown in Lagos, youths in some neighbourhoods rejected the loaves of bread sent to them by their State House of Assembly member. In fact, they went to the streets in anger and turned the bread into football. Of course, they were not demanding for jobs, they were asking for food better than fluffy Lagos bread.

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