Win More Souls … Help Less Privileged … Forget Being Nigeria’s President … Primate Ayodele To Pastor Bakare

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has advised Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Citadel Global Community Church, to “forget the dream of becoming Nigeria’s president, and to face his missionary work.” Ayodele said, instead of Bakare ‘wasting’ his money on politics, he should use the money to help the indigent people in his church.


In Primate Ayodele’s words,

‘’Tunde Bakare should relax, forget the dream of becoming Nigeria’s president, and face his missionary work that God sent him to do. He should preach the gospel, win more souls for Christ.

‘’If he has money, he should use it to help the less privileged in his church, instead of going about to waste his time for nothing.

The INRI leader said this in a Statement issued by his media aide, Oluwatosin Osho, in Lagos.


Primate Ayodele is also of the opinion that, the leader of Citadel Global Community Church, is ‘mismanaging the grace of God upon his life and ministry,’ adding that, Pastor Tunde Bakare cannot even win an election in his church, not to talk of winning in Nigeria.

“Tunde Bakare is mismanaging the grace of God upon his life and ministry. The dream of becoming Nigeria’s president is not realistic for him; he can’t even win an election in his church not to talk of Nigeria.”


Bakare, who spoke shortly after his private meeting with State House correspondents, at the Aso Villa in Abuja on Friday, October 15, described himself as a nation builder, who is capable of leading the country, and that is, if Nigerians give him the opportunity.

He said,

“I am a nation builder, and if God wants me to do that, (talking about his presidential ambition in 2023), and the people of Nigeria will appreciate that, why not?”

Bakare, who believes he has served the church as a pastor for over 30 years, said it is time to move on to greater responsibilities; one of which is to be the next president if given the chance.


While no one can say exactly why Bakare visited President Buhari on Friday at the Aso Villa, Abuja, after he had promised never to go to Abuja again to see his President friend, skeptics are alluding Bakare’s visit to mere politicking, meant to gain favour from the President, ahead of 2023 elections.


Besides, confident Pastor Bakare, has before now, declared that, he would be called upon to be the number one citizen of Nigeria, and he needs not involve in politicking under any guise. He has openly and repeatedly declared himself as the 16th president of the nation; an affirmative statement known to members of his church and any other Nigerian who is fan of the preacher.


With the launch of his ‘Nigerians for Nigeria’ Movement, tagged, N4N Movement, Bakare seems set for his political agenda or move, even while he is still a little bit evasive of what the N4N Movement actually stands for.


Primate Elijah Ayodele, has however, cautioned Nigerians against joining force with Pastor Tunde Bakare, saying Bakare Movement is to further his political ambition.

According to Ayodele, “Tunde Bakare’s ‘Nigerians for Nigeria’ is not divine. It is another means to put us in bondage again…

Ayodele continued, “I am not talking like a politician, but as God’s mouthpiece. Tunde Bakare’s ‘Nigerians for Nigeria’ is another agenda for his political ambition, and not God’s agenda.”

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