Your Govt is Worse than that of Jonathan, Flush Out the Bad Eggs: Bakare Tells Buhari

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the man that needs no more introduction in Nigeria, has not only failed to condemn President Muhammadu Buhari’s government inadequacies, but he has also, in what looks like a comparison of the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration with that of President Buhari, said, if the reason Nigerians voted Jonathan out of power is insecurity and corruption, then that of president Buhari’s government is worse.


Bakare said this at it his Oregun based church during his sermon on Sunday August 1st.

In Bakare’s words, “If the reason for voting PDP out is insecurity and corruption and now it is worse; in fact, added to it, is banditry, kidnapping”…


He advised President Buhari to think of legacy and put on his thinking cap and see to solving the problem of insecurity and corruption in the country before it is too late.


Bakare said: “This is why we’re crying out before it is too late that Muhammadu Buhari can think, wear his thinking cap and think of legacy… One thing is to desire power, another thing to know how to use it.


He then counseled the President, “to flush out every bad egg. Everyone diverting money meant for arms and ammunition must be brought to book whether in the past or in the present. This is war we must wage and fight …


The activist cum pastor continued: “So when I say this is war last Sunday … when I declare war last Sunday, it is against the wicked.  It is against those perverting justice in our land …


He however explained that he has got no arms and ammunitions in his house and therefore, he should not be harassed by men of the security operatives for declaring war.


In Bakare’s word: “Let me explain myself because they can come and plant weapons in my house and say we find arms and ammunitions in his house, you’ll be wasting your time.  All that I have in my house is knives and forks to cut my yam… the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; they’re not man made… the cleric submitted.

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