Allow An Igbo President In 2023 … Association of Arewa Community Appeals

Association of Arewa Community in Igboland, has appealed to Nigerians to allow an Igbo president in 2023.


The national president of  the Association, Mohammed Umaru, made the call at a press conference held in Umuahia, Abia State capital, on Sunday, November 14th.

Umaru said,

“We, all the northern people living in Igbo land, are highly in support of an Igbo executive president.”


He stated further that, because of the benefits the Arewa community is enjoying among the Igbo people, Nigerians should canvass for an Igbo president come 2023.

“Here, we live and earn our living in Igbo land, and we will like to continue to live as an indivisible entity, to work, and operate our businesses.”


The Arewa group, through the national president Umaru, also opined that, because the north, south and west, have all, at a time, ruled the country, it is ripe for an Igbo president to emerge.

“The North, West and South-South have all ruled the nation as executive president. This is the time we should give our consent for an Igbo executive president.”


He therefore called on Nigerians, to ‘give an Igbo leader, the benefit of doubt’, to stir the affairs of the country.

“Our people should give them the benefit of the doubt to lead the country in the next political dispensation, and if they perform well, we can allow them a second chance.”


The Association is however optimistic that, Nigerians will rally round them to see this becoming a reality; while also pleading with the Igbos to have a united purpose, and to shun all form of hatred, but that they should rather produce a detribalized politician that will represent them in the 2023 presidential elections.

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