Anambra State Gov. Soludo Laments Over the State’s Commercial Nerve Centre – Onitsha

Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra state, has lamented over the increasing rate of insecurity in the state, said to be orchestrated by IPOB insurgence, and many other social ills especially as they affect commercial activities in the Onitsha area of the state.


Soludo, in a meeting with the landlords association in Onitsha on Thursday, May 5, opined that, if something meaningful is not done about the rising cases of insecurity in Anambra state, the city of Onitsha, known for its commercial activities, will soon be a ‘dead’ zone as many traders (retailers and wholesalers) have started moving to other neighbouring states to do their business.


Gov. Soludo therefore explained that, the Thursday meeting, with the mantra, “Be Your Brother’s Keeper’, became necessary, to dialogue on how best to reclaim Onitsha city, and take it back to that enviable position it was before now.


The Governor also said, by engaging landlords association in Onitsha, their is likely to be a way forward because they are major stakeholders in the area and that the value of their assets would increase if adequate security is ensured.


Gov. Soludo recalled how “Onitsha was once known to be housing the largest market in West Africa, which is sadly no longer the case, as new businesses and investments are now tilting towards neighbouring states.”


He lamented that, “A verifiable estimate shows that 35 to 40 per cent of businesses and productive assets in Onitsha are evacuating to neighbouring states; adding that “This is the reality of the situation.”


Soludo then promised that his “administration is committed to turning around Onitsha into a smart megacity, by involving in “civic engagement” such as the landlords association meeting, and by driving home his administration’s initiatives and policy thrusts toward making Onitsha a better place for commercial activities as it used to be. He again called on the people to help drive home his goal for Onitsha.

He stressed,

“I need your support to drive home the initiatives and policy thrusts of this administration.”

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