Lagos female banker kills self, leaves suicide

A 32 year old female banker, simply called Ugochukwu, has reportedly killed herself inside one of the Lagos  bank’s toilet (where she was working) after leaving behind a suicide note.

The banker, who after leaving her seat for the rest room, narrated the reasons why she committed suicide in the note she left behind.

She wrote:  “Nothing is working in my life. My figures are low. My brain is clogged up. The economy is getting harder. My decisions are wrong. My mind is messed up. The future doesn’t seem bright at all. I see extreme hardship. I can’t bear the pain anymore”.

According to sources, her absence from her seat became noticeable when her phone kept ringing without her picking it up.

This prompted her colleagues to quickly raise the alarm that involved the intervention of police officers.

After a thorough search of the bank’s premises, the lifeless body of Ugochukwu was found in one of the toilets; alongside a bottle of insecticide which she had ingested, and her suicide note.

Ugochukwu had blamed economic hardship, and hopelessness for her decision.

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