NASCO Management Deflates False News Reports … Says We Will Never Be Sponsors Of Terrorism

The management of NASCO group, has deflated ongoing news reports on the social media, linking the brand to terrorism or any act of criminality.


In a press release dated 5th of October, 2021, signed by NASCO Group Management, the company authorities said,
“We state categorically that we have never, and will never be sponsors to any criminal act, organization, or any violence of any kind that will disrupt the peace and tranquillity of the Nigerian state or any country in the world.


NASCO management also laid claims to the fact that, its founder, late Dr. Ahmed Nasreddin, and ‘his business interest’, has been exonerated from all false allegations linking him or the company to terrorism.


The Group therefore rejects any “false report, which was done in a clearly orchestrated manner, with malicious intent, aimed at cause commercial damage to our (their) successful brands”; and established that, “NASCO will continue to ‘provide the quality life’ for Nigeria and its people.”


Below is the Press Release by NASCO Group Management.

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