PDP Frowns At Gov. Akeredolu’s Appointment Of His Son, Babajide, As DG PPMIU

Ondo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), has frowned at the appointment of Babajide Akeredolu, son of the incumbent Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, as the Director-General, Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit (PPMIU) of the State.


Gov. Akeredolu, had on Tuesday night, through a Statement signed by the State’s Commissioner for Information, Donald Ojogo, announced the appointment of his son, Mr. Babajide Akeredolu, as the DG of PPMIU.


In a swift reaction to the news, the State’s PDP, through the Publicity Secretary, Kennedy Ikantu Peretei, also in a Press Statement, said, it is a “flagrant abuse of office, and an affront on the people of Ondo State”, for Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu to appoint his biological son, as the head of the Unit.


In PDP’s words,

“The recent appointment of Babajide Akeredolu, a biological son of Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, as the Director General of Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit, (PPMIU), is a flagrant abuse of office, and affront on the people of Ondo State.”


It is also clearly stated in the press release that,

“The appointment as DG, of PPMIU for Babajide, a young man, who carries on as though, he was the person voted for as Governor, is part of the grand design to finally empty the treasury of the State, before Akeredolu returns to Ibadan,”with an addendum that,

“It thus appears that, Mr. Governor, and his immediate family, are bent on living fat on the lean resources of the people, when poverty has taken over the land, walking in all four legs.”


PDP, Ondo chapter, further opined that,

“Babajide’s conduct is reminiscent of the ignoble actions of Commodus, son and heir apparent of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who at age 12, upon finding out that his bath water was not sufficiently heated, ordered the servant to be thrown into the furnace.


The Party therefore submitted that, the Akeredolu’s should be wary of avarice, knowing fully well that the “day of reckoning is very near.”

“It is very apparent that, it is the greed of the first family that is being fed, no longer their needs. Akeredolu, his wife and children must appreciate that, the resources they are wasting in this reckless manner was only given to them in trust for the people. They should remember that, the day of reckoning is very near.”


The State’s chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, did not however, state if Babajide Akeredolu is qualified for the position of the DG, Performance and Project Implementation Monitoring Unit, (PPMIU) or not; but rather, further accused him of collecting 10 percent of N4.3 billion, as a consultant to the State on Internally Generated Revenue, IGR.

The said 10 percent collections, was, according to PDP, discovered in a secret commercial bank account, belonging to the State.

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