Aare Dele Momodu Distanced Self From Asiwaju Tinubu’s Presidential Endorsement

Chief Dele Momodu has distanced himself from the list of people endorsing Asiwaju Tinubu for presidency in 2023, and advised Tinubu’s campaign team to delete his name (Momodu) from the list.

“I earnestly ask the spin doctors to delete my name from their reckless and self seeking endorsements…”


In a statement signed by Aare Momodu, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP), Presidential Aspirant, it was revealed that, what Asiwaju Tinubu’s media team is referring to as Dele Momodu’s ‘endorsement’ happened two (2) years back.


He frowned at the southern leaders inability to see the ills in the President Buhari’s, All Progressives Congress, (APC) led administration while the northern leaders are more audacious in challenging the President’s shortcomings.


Aare Dele Momodu’s statement reads:

“In all honesty, I do not know who the media handlers of ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU are but I can reasonably confirm that they’ve been fumbling too much by being so cheap, unimaginative and jejune in their campaigns. Are they not ashamed that several people, including the respected DR AKINWUMI ADESINA of the African Development Bank, have publicly denied endorsing TINUBU for the 2023 Presidential election because of this unfortunate desperation to sell him as the only candidate of APC in 2023.

Now, I’m their latest victim. An article I wrote two years ago about TINUBU has suddenly become a fresh endorsement in 2022. What chicanery is this? While I have tremendous respect for ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU, his handlers have no right to engage in pure mischief by abusing our relationship.

They’ve even made pamphlets of my article. But unknown to them, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since I wrote that article and I have my cogent reasons for not joining APC – PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI’s divisiveness and the culpable silence of TINUBU and the Vice President PROFESSOR YEMI OSINBAJO in condoning his excesses and keeping mute in the face of barefaced tyranny.

Southern Leaders who crave to be President have failed to protect their own people from the blistering attacks they’ve endured under the Buhari government, most especially the people of the South East.

The whole country is in turmoil and Northern Leaders have been more courageous in telling Buhari the blatant truth while ours have been so cowardly because of their insatiable propensity for power…
I have other reasons…

I earnestly ask the spin doctors to delete my name from their reckless and self seeking endorsements…”


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