AFCON: Don’t Credit Super Eagles Loss To Mr. President’s Video Call … Femi Adesina

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has said, linking Nigeria’s Super Eagles team loss to President Buhari’s call is “idiotic and imbecilic.”


Recall that, the Super Eagles, at the ongoing African Cup of Nations, (AFCON), lost their round of 16 match against the Tunisian team on Sunday, January 23, with a lone goal.


Reacting to the painful loss, Nigerians had credited the loss to Mr. President’s video call to Super Eagles, with the lamentation that, the team was doing very well at the tournament before the call.


Nigerians even went ahead to say, such unfortunate thing happened to Anthony Joshua, the UK born Nigerian heavyweight boxer, after President Buhari made a call through to him.


In defense, the presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, who is very good at insulting Nigerians, rather than dealing with issues, considered Nigerians anger and comments as “silly, idiotic and imbecilic.”

Adesina in his post titled, “Losing Is Part Of The Game,” said, “I have read many silly, idiotic and imbecilic comments, trying to link the loss to the video conference the President had with the players on Sunday morning.”


In support of Mr. President, Adesina stated that,

“If the Super Eagles had gone into the match without encouragement from their President, the same people would have come out to condemn the leader of the country for being taciturn and insensitive.”


Adesina again argued that:

“There are countries, and football teams, who have established a tradition for being outstanding in soccer. But such teams and countries have lost scandalously before, underscoring the truth that losing is part of the game.”

Spokesperson Femi Adesina therefore submitted that, “Head or tail, you never win with some Nigerians.”

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