NGO, Asido Foundation, Ready To Take Mentally Unstable Individuals Off Streets For Treatment

A not-for-profit mental health organization, Asido Foundation, is set to rid mentally unstable individuals off the Nigerian streets.

According to Dr. Jibril Abdulmalik, founder of the institution, at least two mentally ill persons will enjoy free treatment and rehabilitation under its project Hope 2 by 2.


Dr. Abdulmalik said, all mentally unfit individuals that roam around the streets of Nigeria, can actually be treated, and reintegrated into the society, if they are given proper and adequate care.


Abdulmalik emphasized that, although the Asido Foundation cannot take every mentally sick persons off the streets, but the NGO has been able, in times past, take some of the mentally unfit individuals off the streets for proper treatment.


He testified that some of these sets of people are now well, reunited with their families, and doing just fine in their respective chosen fields.


Dr. Abdulmalik therefore submitted that, no one should think anyone’s situation is beyond redemption when it comes to mental health.


He however said, at least N2 million is to be raised in the next two months, under its Hope 2 by 2 project for the treatment, and rehabilitation exercise which will be at either a teaching or a state psychiatric hospital.

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  1. This is a very laudable thing.
    Nigeria needs this because the mental, emotional, psychological etc stress on people is enormous.

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