“There is no crisis in PDP.  PDP is still intact as a party. PDP is still as strong as ever to offer better economy” … Gov. Emmanuel Udom

Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Emmanuel Udom, has said, the Peoples’ Democracy Party, (PDP), remains the most structured political party today in Africa compared to the other dominant party in Nigeria and that there is no crisis within the party as believed by some people.


In Gov. Udom words,

“PDP is the most structured political party today in Africa. If you are unauthorized, you don’t talk on areas you are not authorized to… so, let me stay within the structure which I know PDP is so structured…


On the internal crisis in PDP, the Governor said,

“…There is a perception about PDP, saying oh, there is internal crisis in PDP. No, I am standing here and saying, there is no crisis; there is no problem in PDP.  Don’t allow anybody to deceive you. The party that all the 774 local Government Areas, LGAs, of this country have real grass root ties, who are members of this party.


He added,

“It is largest party in Africa; and outside that, this is where you have many refined people, so it is not what people say.  When people just see few minor issue on the social media, they blow it out of proportion. But I think, we are together, and we are strong; and I think we will be ready to offer the leadership we have always offered to this country.


The Akwa Ibom state Governor Udom, said this on Arise News TV, on Thursday, September 23.


Giving his facts, Gov. Udom said, when the ‘big umbrella party that can cover everyone’ was in power, the country was better off than now.

In his words,

“…when PDP was in power, what was our own inflation rate, when we debate the economy, at what point did we start? What is our GDP? What was our exchange rate, what was the inflation rate, and what is it today? When I now try to talk about the good sides of PDP, let’s check this viz-a-viz how it affect other people.


He stressed,

“You see, I love talking with facts. In life, when you don’t try an alternate, you will not know the best, or the best cause of action. But today, Nigeria has tried an alternative, and they’ve known the better cause of action. So come and challenge me on when PDP was in power … compare any regime of PDP and other party… So, I stand here to be corrected that, PDP is still as strong as ever; about to offer the same strong economic structure to Nigerians; and I hope Nigerians can now read in between the lines, and then they will give us all the support.


Gov. Emmanuel Udom, on the defection of some big shots from the party to another, he said,

“A political foe today will be a political ally tomorrow. Let’s not forget the principles in which these things are being played. It is too early to judge… I keep telling people that, life will be so boring without challenges. Political terrain would have been so boring if there were no movement. There would be free movement and free exit at any point in time.


Udom continued,

“But let me also say something here, that is what makes it so interesting; that is what makes it what politics supposed to be. I didn’t mention names, which you know. No, I didn’t talk about that. What I say is, what people read on social media to me, are no major issues. To me, we are still intact as a party. We’re strong as ever.


The Governor however, refused to give hints on where the party presidential and chairmanship candidate will come from, saying that it will be discussed at the party’s National Convention coming up in October.


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