You Have Failed Us Mr. President, Take Responsibility … Chief Imam Tells President Buhari

A top Islamic Cleric, confirmed to be the Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, in Abuja, Sheikh Nuru Khalid, has condemned in strong terms, the incessant killings and rampage of bandits across the country, under the President Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration. He also frowned at the way bandits tax Nigerians for ransom, saying it is unconstitutional for it to be so.


The Cleric, who spoke in English in a viral video said,

“Let me tell you Mr. President, under your watch, bandits are demanding and taxing Nigerians, is that the provision of the constitution of Nigeria?  Under the provision of the constitution of Nigeria, no one has the right to tax any Nigerian except being authorized by the Federal Government; or any other constituted authority…  I am telling you Mr. President, you are to take responsibility…


The Chief Imam added,

“Who do you want us to give responsibility? Do you want us to give the President of America? The President of Ghana? The President of Lake chad? No. We have the constitutional right to ask you Mr. President…


The intelligent and brave Cleric, who did not mince his words, also said,

“We have your video telling Nigerians that the military is capable, our military is capable. It has all the requirement to tackle this insurgency, and if you are voted into power, you are going to make sure that that happens in a short time. You’re given 4 years as an addition, yet people are dying like fowls. Killing is becoming a norm in Nigeria under your watch Mr. President.


The bold and brave Sheikh Nuru Khalid, who seemed to be speaking the mind of many Nigerians emphasized,

“If there is no Nigerian to tell you, I, will take the responsibility of telling you and I, will take the responsibility of the consequences; because the lives and properties of Nigerians is above all.


He however, blamed all Nigerians, including himself, for allowing Nigeria to degenerate to this point. He said,

“Is there no person to take responsibility? I want to believe, we have all failed. I mean, I failed as an Imam, to teach you that life is sacred. You all failed, as parents, to teach your children that killing is bad. Our community leaders failed, our politicians failed, governors failed, especially His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you have failed us.


The respected Chief Imam, of the Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, again, referred Mr. President to the Holy Quran, and the Hadith, for clarity on what governance should be in a sane society by quoting from the Holy Books.

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