IGP: We Exempt Vehicles with Factory-Fitted Tinted Glasses from Permit Ban

The Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba, has said, contrary to the June 7, suspension of issuance of permits for vehicles with tinted glasses, the ban has exempted cars with factor-fitted tinted glasses, known as ‘follow come’ in our local parlance, from the ban.

Baba said this during a virtual interactive session with journalists in the country, on Tuesday.

In his words, “we understand that there are usually issues with policies and their implementations. The directive on tinted glass is not about the factory-fitted ones, but those that are artificially made to cover the whole screens.”

The IGP continued, “if you look at the vehicles with factory-fitted tinted glasses, you can still see through them; and if there is any need for the driver to open the doors of such vehicles, the security officers will know. Those that are not factory-fitted are completely covered so that no one knows who or what they carry. Those are the ones the ban is targeted at.”

The Police Chief, has also emphasized that, there will be a standardized process of issuance of SPY number plates and permits for vehicles with tinted glasses across the country.

On compliance, Usman Baba said, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), will collaborate with the management of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), on ensuring compliance.

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